You can help give life to their final Dreams, và the Dreams of people living with other terminal conditions.


Your gift will help us fulfill the final Dreams of terminally-ill adults và their families across the nation.

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Make a gift before April 11 & DOUBLE YOUR GIFT up to lớn a total matched gift offer of $10,000 from The Roddick Foundation!

Dreams come in many forms, but each Dream provides inspiration, comfort and closure when it’s most needed.

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Ellen is living with Parkinson’s disease. Her husband of 60 years, David, is living with terminal heart and kidney disease. They are both under hospice care.After so many years together, they still wanted to lớn be close to each other. When Ellen wrote khổng lồ us, they shared a love seat. They both have problems with mobility, và David needed Ellen’s help to lớn stand up.Ellen dreamed of having two lift chairs so that they could sit side-by-side và get up và down with greater ease.

Thanks khổng lồ generous supporters lượt thích you, we were able to lớn provide them with two lift chairs that help each of them get up và down as needed. And best of all, the chairs are so close lớn each other that David và Ellen are sitting side-by-side again!

Ellen says it is the best gift they ever could have received!


Arthur is living with Parkinson’s disease. He and every thành viên of his family are huge Patriot fans và watched the Patriots play for many years, even having Sunday teleconferences during games so they could all continue to lớn watch together when the kids had grown up and moved away!

Arthur dreamed of returning to lớn the field, the Hall, & the Patriot Place with his family và needed special tư vấn with transportation, accommodations và access khổng lồ the game.

Thanks to our generous supporters, Arthur’s Dream came true! Afterward, his daughter shared, “The experience was absolutely amazing!! We got to go on the field for warmups & they surprised us with an upgrade to a suite to watch the game! Days later dad is STILL talking about the game và how awesome it was to have everyone be together và to see a live game … Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making this possible. My dad really felt special that night and we all truly enjoyed ourselves & just had stress-free fun for the first time in a long while. I can’t say thank you enough for everything you … vì for people like my dad. These things may seem simple, but for many without intervention of an organization things lượt thích this are logistically or financially unattainable. Thank you so much again for all you guys do.”